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   West Holt Medical Services Foundation


 2012 Lights of Love Tribute Program


Listed in order donation was received.

Name of Donor In Memory of In Honor of
Lois Puckett Wilson Walter Puckett  
Randy & Lisa Bilstein   Carrie Osborne & Seth Holt's Marriage on Dec. 30, 2011
Beth Tielke   Our Troops
Lavern & Janet Heller Mary Ann Kennedy  
Douglas & Lois Wilson Mary Ann Kennedy  
William & Virginia Kollman Mary Ann Kennedy  
Marilyn Thomas Mary Ann Kennedy  
Belva Beach & Laurie Lieswald Betty Ogden  
Lane & Bernie Pacha Mary Ann Kennedy  
Lane & Bernie Pacha Maryellen McKay  
Anonymous Helen Poessnecker  
Brad & Janette Rowan Mary Ann Kennedy  
Gordon & Shannon Dvorak Mary Ann Kennedy  
Scott & Lisa Fix Mary Ann Kennedy  
Wayne & Mary Owens Mary Ann Kennedy  
Larry & Lois Poessnecker Mary Ann Kennedy  
Miles & Jena Garwood Mary Ann Kennedy  
Monique Johnson Mary Ann Kennedy  
Don & Janet Butterfield Mary Ann Kennedy  
Dave & Cydney Koukol Mary Ann Kennedy  
Gaylene Mitchell Becky Krieger  
Gaylene Mitchell Tom Welsh, Sr.  
Anonymous   Ferne Slaymaker's 85th Birthday
Dan & Marilyn Judge Mary Ann Kennedy  
Lorene Perez Mary Ann Kennedy  
Gerald & Shelly Winings Mary Ann Kennedy  
Phyllis Cuellar Mary Ann Kennedy  
Wayne & Janice Baker Craig Coleman  
Eliza Rzeszotarski Don Rzeszotarski  
Phyllis Langan   Gaylene Mitchell
Phyllis Langan   Marilyn Hendricks
Phyllis Langan   Sally Rossman
Phyllis Langan   Marge Johnson
Phyllis Langan   Marilyn Schaaf
Phyllis Langan   Phyllis Langan
Phyllis Langan   Lorraine Lieswald
Phyllis Langan   Karen LeMunyan
Phyllis Langan   Diane Rentschler
Glen & Margaret Linse Cecil Williams  
Glen & Margaret Linse   Margie Williams
Glen & Margaret Linse Norman Linse  
Glen & Margaret Linse Bill Franklin  
Glen & Margaret Linse John Linse  
Glen & Margaret Linse Alma Linse  
Butch & Mickey Braun Fred G. Braun  
Butch & Mickey Braun Elizabeth Braun  
Butch & Mickey Braun Dale Gilbert  
Butch & Mickey Braun Alice Gilbert  
Butch & Mickey Braun Clarence J. Tasler  
Butch & Mickey Braun Nettie Tasler  
Bryan Rentschler Ed Rentschler  
Bryan Rentschler Mildred Rentschler  
Bryan Rentschler Clarence Grof  
Bryan Rentschler Mary Grof  
Bryan Rentschler Bill Rentschler  
Gaylene Mitchell Don Mitchell  
Gaylene Mitchell Cecelia Ries  
Gaylene Mitchell Mary Ann Kennedy  
Gaylene Mitchell Helen Poessnecker  
Gaylene Mitchell Ted Olson  
Gaylene Mitchell Jerry Hollingsworth  
Richard & Darlene Kaup Dean Moore  
Richard & Darlene Kaup Patricia Moore  
Richard & Darlene Kaup Aloys Kaup  
Richard & Darlene Kaup Gertrude Kaup  
Richard & Darlene Kaup La Deane Gordon  
Richard & Darlene Kaup Timothy Dvorak  
Richard & Darlene Kaup Steven Gordon  
Lorraine Etherton Everett Hale  
Lorraine Etherton Ethel Hale  
Vivian Hickok Quentin Hickok  
Larry & Lois Poessnecker Sgt. Nate Beyers  
Larry & Lois Poessnecker Werner Poessnecker  
Larry & Lois Poessnecker Helen Poessnecker  
Larry & Lois Poessnecker Merle Morgan  
Larry & Lois Poessnecker   Jack Hoffman
Larry & Lois Poessnecker   WHMS Nurses & Doctors
Larry & Lois Poessnecker   Evelyn Morgan
Jeremiah, Lisa, Tate & Wade Krysl Grandpa Werner Poessnecker  
Jeremiah, Lisa, Tate & Wade Krysl Grandma Helen Poessnecker  
Jeremiah, Lisa, Tate & Wade Krysl Grandpa Dean Prewitt  
Jeremiah, Lisa, Tate & Wade Krysl Grandpa Merle Morgan  
Jeremiah, Lisa, Tate & Wade Krysl Uncle Dallas Prewitt  
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Rowan Terra Wallinger  
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Rowan George Vondracek  
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Rowan Virgina Vondracek  
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Rowan   Steve Wallinger
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Rowan   Lorraine Wallinger
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Rowan   Brad Rowan
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Rowan   Janette Rowan
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Rowan   Zachary Wallinger
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Rowan   Jerry Wallinger
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Rowan   Marilyn Wallinger
Anonymous Heather Hoppe  
Robert & Mary Straka Joseph Laible  
Robert & Mary Straka Mary Ann Kennedy  
Robert & Mary Straka Cecelia Straka  
Robert & Mary Straka Henry Straka  
Karen Nollette Doug Nollette  
Karen Nollette Kenneth Kitelinger  
Karen Nollette Lucille Kitelinger  
Karen Nollette Al Simon  
Karen Nollette Richard Nollette  
Karen Nollette Delores Nollette  
Lucy & Devon Gramazio Papa Doug Nollette  
Lucy & Devon Gramazio Don Gramazio  
Ferne Slaymaker Robert Slaymaker  
Ferne Slaymaker Celia Marie Rouse  
Ferne Slaymaker Vernon Freouf  
Harlan, Sandy, Abbey and Nicholas Schrunk Ralph Schrunk  
Harlan, Sandy, Abbey and Nicholas Schrunk Janessa Schaaf  
Harlan, Sandy, Abbey and Nicholas Schrunk Jenny Stevens  
Harlan, Sandy, Abbey and Nicholas Schrunk Mark Schrunk  
Harlan, Sandy, Abbey and Nicholas Schrunk Dorothy Kaup  
Harlan, Sandy, Abbey and Nicholas Schrunk Arthur Schaaf  
Harlan, Sandy, Abbey and Nicholas Schrunk Herman Kaup  
Harlan, Sandy, Abbey and Nicholas Schrunk Sharon Kaup  
Harlan, Sandy, Abbey and Nicholas Schrunk Leo Seger  
Harlan, Sandy, Abbey and Nicholas Schrunk Blanche "Pat" Seger  
Harlan, Sandy, Abbey and Nicholas Schrunk Mark Schindler  
Harlan, Sandy, Abbey and Nicholas Schrunk Reid Miller  
Velma Seger Michelle Lea Olson  
Velma Seger   Donna J. Olson
Larry & Marlene Ogden Eugene Poessnecker Our Children and Grandchildren
Larry & Marlene Ogden Doris Poessnecker  
Larry & Marlene Ogden Betty Ogden  
Larry & Marlene Ogden Sherman Ogden  
Larry & Marlene Ogden Terry Ogden  
Larry & Marlene Ogden   Our Children  
Larry & Marlene Ogden   Our Grandchildren
Christine Welsh Thomas A. Welsh  
Scott & Lisa Fix Ruth Fetherston  
Scott & Lisa Fix Marlie Fetherston  
Scott & Lisa Fix Cliff Lovitt  
Scott & Lisa Fix Shelby Anderson  
Scott & Lisa Fix Doris Lane  
Scott & Lisa Fix Heather Hoppe  
Scott & Lisa Fix Marc McConnell  
Roxanne Hollingsworth Jerry Hollingsworth  
Gordon & Shannon Dvorak Kay Dvorak Brian Bentzinger
Gordon & Shannon Dvorak Ed Dvorak  
Gordon & Shannon Dvorak Albert Kramer  
Gordon & Shannon Dvorak Mary Kramer  
Jack & Sharie Flannery John Flannery  
Jack & Sharie Flannery Olive Flannery  
Terri Mitchell Don Mitchell  
Terri Mitchell Elmer Allyn  
Terri Mitchell Alma Allyn  
Terri Mitchell Mazie Mitchell  
Terri Mitchell Charles Mitchell  
Terri Mitchell   Gay Mitchell
Terri Mitchell   Gary Mitchell
Richard Funk Raymer Funk  
Richard Funk Ruth Funk  
Richard Funk Connie Arrowsmith  
Janice Kohl Maralee Gilg  
Anonymous   Cindy Kubik
Anonymous   Camille Ohri
Elisha R. Albrecht John H. Albrecht  
Jeanine Funk Dori L. Withers  
Jeanine Funk Farmer Withers  
Joe & Patti Skrdla Lawrence Skrdla  
Joe & Patti Skrdla Evelyn Skrdla  
Joe & Patti Skrdla Reid Miller  
Joe & Patti Skrdla Mark Schindler  
Joe & Patti Skrdla Dorothy Kaup  
Joe & Patti Skrdla Herman Kaup  
Joe & Patti Skrdla Sharon Kaup  
Joe & Patti Skrdla Judy Skrdla  
Joe & Patti Skrdla   Paul Seger
Joe & Patti Skrdla   Karen Seger
Sharon Atkinson John Krieger  
Sharon Atkinson Florence Krieger  
Sharon Atkinson Harold Krieger  
Sharon Atkinson Francis Krieger  
Janet Kliment Raymond Garwood  
Janet Kliment Dorothy Garwood  
Janet Kliment   Louis Kliment
Janet Kliment Lillian Kliment  
Sally Rossman Del Rossman  
Sally Rossman Delbert Rossman  
Sally Rossman Bernard Rossman  
Sally Rossman Beaulah Rossman  
Sally Rossman Joan Serbousek  
Sally Rossman Millie Minnig  
Sally Rossman Sandra Emry  
Don & Janet Butterfield Rose Podany  
Don & Janet Butterfield Meta Halm  
James & Marnie Hoppe Heather Hoppe  
James & Marnie Hoppe Ruth Fetherston  
James & Marnie Hoppe Marlie Fetherston  
James & Marnie Hoppe Carl Hoppe  
James & Marnie Hoppe Ella Hoppe  
James & Marnie Hoppe Dick Wehrly  
James & Marnie Hoppe Marie Wehrly  
James & Marnie Hoppe Fred Grothe  
James & Marnie Hoppe Willia Havranek  
James & Marnie Hoppe Marc McConnell  
Eileen Moss Tom Moss  
Eileen Moss Jon Moss  
Eileen Moss Stepheane Schmit  
Eileen Moss Don Moss  
Melinda Osborne Michael Wenner  
Markita Klinger Mark Hendricks  
Markita Klinger Arla Hendricks  
Markita Klinger Harold Klinger  
Markita Klinger Florence Klinger  
Markita Klinger Richard Klinger  
Markita Klinger Trina Klinger  
Markita Klinger Bret Troidl  
Markita Klinger Steven Sandall  
Markita Klinger   Brittany Osborne Bauer
Markita Klinger   Rod Brotsky
Markita Klinger   Dr. John Sutherland
Markita Klinger   Dr. Randall
Anonymous Ernest Winings  
Anonymous Larry Osborne  
Anonymous George Goebel  
Anonymous Julia Schaaf  
Anonymous Lois Strampher  
Anonymous Bob Lieswald  
Anonymous Warner Poessnecker  
Anonymous Helen Poessnecker  
Anonymous Karen Johnson Kuhn  
Anonymous Ken Butterfield  
Anonymous Gary LeMunyan  
Anonymous Delbert Rossman  
Anonymous Michelle Olson  
Anonymous John Butterfield  
Anonymous Mary Ann Kennedy  
Anonymous Becky Krieger  
Anonymous Vincent Osborne  
Anonymous Lorris Osborne  
Anonymous   Michelle Winings
Anonymous   Jean Winings
Anonymous   Roger Dobias
Anonymous   Donna Olson
Anonymous   Cody Breiner
Anonymous   McKensie Straka
Anonymous   Hilda Flannery
Anonymous   Teachers
Anonymous   Lisa Bilstein
Anonymous   Eileen Brown
Anonymous   Don Brown
Anonymous   Rod Brotsky
Anonymous   DeeAnn Kohle
Anonymous   Jack Hoffman
Anonymous   Arlene Winings
Anonymous   Mill Race Park Volunteers
Tom & Karla Theisen Mike Wenner  
Tom & Karla Theisen Ben Troshynski  
Tom & Karla Theisen Richard Braun  
Tom & Karla Theisen Darla Elsbury  
Tom & Karla Theisen   Jack Hoffman
Tom & Karla Theisen   Mary Lou Troshynski
Tom & Karla Theisen   Helen Braun
Tom & Karla Theisen   Wayne Monahan
Monique Johnson Norris Johnson  
Monique Johnson My pets, Kim, Tommy and Liba  
Monique Johnson   Shelby Gutshall
Monique Johnson   West Holt Medical Services Foundation Donors
Brad & Janette Rowan Phil Morlang  
Brad & Janette Rowan Betsy Morlang  
Brad & Janette Rowan Andy Rowan  
Brad & Janette Rowan Lois Rowan  
Brad & Janette Rowan   Amy Rowan
Brad & Janette Rowan   Mindy Crouch
Brad & Janette Rowan   Shelton Crouch
Brad & Janette Rowan   Bentli Crouch
Brad & Janette Rowan   Bailey Crouch
Brad & Janette Rowan   Tom Rowan
Brad & Janette Rowan   Amanda Rowan
Marge Johnson Norrie Johnson   
Marge Johnson Fred Mack  
Marge Johnson Ella Mack  
Marge Johnson John Mack  
Marge Johnson Beverly Mack  
Marge Johnson Joseph Mack  
Marge Johnson Kathleen Mack  
Marge Johnson Robert Mack  
Marge Johnson Roy “Babe” Mack  
Marge Johnson Gilbert Schneider  
Marge Johnson Adline Mack Schneider  
Marge Johnson Ceilia Ries  
Marge Johnson   Norris Johnson Family
Peggy Tejral & Lola Jonas Rebecca Krieger  
Peggy Tejral & Lola Jonas Robert Jonas  
Peggy Tejral & Lola Jonas Jesse Jonas  
Peggy Tejral & Lola Jonas Wallace Carr  
Peggy Tejral     Lola Jonas
Peggy Tejral     Marnie Hoppe for 19 years of employment at WHMS
Nick Konrad Matt Yule  
Nick Konrad Willard Konrad  
Nick Konrad John Konrad  
West Holt Medical Services Foundation   West Holt Medical Services Staff
West Holt Medical Services Foundation Veterans  
West Holt Medical Services Foundation   Veterans
Rich & Hilda Flannery Olive Flannery  
Rich & Hilda Flannery John Flannery  
Rich & Hilda Flannery Emma Hofeling  
Rich & Hilda Flannery Fred Hofeling  
Rich & Hilda Flannery Phyllis Brandt  
Rich & Hilda Flannery Darlene Boerger  
Gerald & Shelly Winings Natchel Rzeszotarski  
Gerald & Shelly Winings Ernest Winings  
Gerald & Shelly Winings Tom Rzeszotarski  
Gerald & Shelly Winings Donald Rzeszotarski  
Gerald & Shelly Winings Delbert Rossman  
Gerald & Shelly Winings Lori Rae  
Gerald & Shelly Winings   Helen Rzeszotarski
Gerald & Shelly Winings   Arlene Winings
Etha Hitchcock George Hitchcock  
Etha Hitchcock Gary Hitchcock  
Kurt & Barb Shane Racheal Ann Shane  
Kurt & Barb Shane Hope Sarah Shane  
Monique Johnson   West Holt Medical Services Foundation Board of Directors
Arlene Heiser Rolland Thurlow  
Arlene Heiser   Sherry Thurlow
Jim & Norma Frerichs Fred Frerichs  
Jim & Norma Frerichs Oma Mae Frerichs  
Jim & Norma Frerichs Fred Timmerman  
Jim & Norma Frerichs Greta Timmerman  
Theo Kohle George Kohle  
Theo Kohle Karl Weichman  
Theo Kohle Callista Weichman  
Michael & Janet Davis Dorothy Kaup  
Michael & Janet Davis Herman Kaup  
Michael & Janet Davis Sharon Kaup  
Gene & Judy Steimle Dorothy Kaup  
Doug & Courtney Donaldson Family Dorothy Kaup  
Doug & Courtney Donaldson Family Arthur Pacha  
Doug & Courtney Donaldson Family Dolores Pacha  
Betty Albrecht John H. Albrecht  
Gerard & Janet Keating Arlene Winings  




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