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Why donate online today?

It is so easy for us to overlook the wonder of health and to take for granted the ability to celebrate with family until it is stolen from us by trauma, accident or fate.  

Fortunately, for one family, when their six-year-old boy was acting odd at the breakfast table – staring into space and not responding, they were able to drive a few blocks from their home to the emergency room.  While at the hospital, that little boy, Jack Hoffman, suffered a grand mal seizure that lasted about a half-hour.  He had respiratory failure during the seizure and the emergency room staff saved Jack’s life.  Jack’s dad shared with us, “We were lucky not to lose him then, right there in Atkinson.  There’s no question about it, Dr. Kari saved his life.”  West Holt Medical Services’ emergency room medical staff provided life saving measures and now, the Hoffman family continues to enjoy life to the fullest.

We ask that you consider helping people in your community, like the Hoffman family, by supporting the Foundation that raises funds for West Holt Medical Services.  Let’s partner together to maintain that which is so precious – ease of mind, health and celebrations with family and friends. 

From the hospital and clinic staff in Atkinson to the donors in our community, we are all helping to change the lives of so many patients.  Working together, we allow life saving steps to take place. 

West Holt Medical Services has patients from in and outside Holt County, Nebraska choosing West Holt Medical Services to get well and stay well.  With outstanding patient care and award winning customer service, people come from many distant locations in Nebraska to be a part of medical wonders that are performed daily.

If you agree that supporting a dedicated facility such as West Holt Medical Services is a responsibility we all share, please make an online contribution today.  How much should you give?  Contributions range from modest to magnificent.  Many of our friends contribute $100, $200, $1,000 or more.  Of course, we will appreciate your gift of any amount -- $50, $30, $25 – whatever you feel is appropriate.  Donate online today!  Donate by mail by sending a check to West Holt Medical Services Foundation, PO Box 214, Atkinson, NE 68713.

West Holt Medical Services is here when you need us, we hope that we can count on you as well.  

Adobe SystemsPlease remember the patient you help tomorrow could be you, a member of your family, a friend or a colleague.  At West Holt Medical Services we are here for everyone --  close to home.

Honor a Breast Cancer Survivor during October - National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  To learn more, click here.

Greatest NeedsGifts at WorkWays to GiveMeet our DonorsMeet UsNews & EventsScholarships
West Holt Medical Services Foundation
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