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Spectators are key to a successful half marathon.  Ask most long distance runners and they will tell you that course support is very helpful when it comes to completing a successful race.  There is something about a 13.1 mile course lined with cheering spectators that helps to keep the mind from wandering while running. 


Perhaps it is a word of encouragement, an inspirational sign or banner, a group of people in costume or a theme at an aid station that will be the one thing an athlete will remember that helped them achieve their goal of accomplishment.  Regardless, it can all be summed up in one word…support!  If the runner has a great time in Atkinson, they are more likely to return next year.

Race begins at 7:30 am and the start/finish line is at Main and State Streets.  Race should conclude by noon.  


Tips on how to be the best spectator:

  • Just try to create a party atmosphere!

  • Cheer for everyone not just the runner that you got up at 7:00am to cheer on.

  • It is lame to just stand there and watch the runner go past without yelling out to the runner  offering encouragement like....


    Good Job! Keep smiling! You’re looking awesome! Running smooth! You can do it! Way to run! One stride at a time! Way to focus! Stay relaxed! Keep it up! Way to go! Call out the runners name (on bib or shirt color). We support you!


  • Be careful where you are on the course, the worst thing you can yell is "you are almost finished" when you are at mile marker 8.

  • Try ringing a bell or blasting some music

  • Make a sign that has an encouraging phrase and show it to the runners

  • Wear a costume.  It is nice to stand out in a sea of spectators.

  • Got drums, bring them!

  • Solo artists welcome. Play an instrument?  Bring it.

  • Bring a blanket, lawn chair, sunscreen, umbrella and/or a picnic.

  • Host a block party.

  • Be loud!

  • Bring noisemakers.

  • Have a band? Set up and entertain the runners!

  • Watching with a group of people, dress up in costumes and create a theme

  • Sign a song.

  • Host an Official Cheer Station with your Team, Club, Company, or Organization

  • Know your runner's expected pace per mile so you will know when he or she will be at the different spectator areas along the course

  • Stay clear of course (street), do not cross the street.

  • Leave the area cleaner than when you arrived.

Examples of having fun as a spectator.



Spectators are encouraged to create a fun theme for your spectator area, dress up in costume, cheer on runners and implement creative ways of getting the runners' attention.

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