NUCCA Chiropractic

Dr. Marcy Ziska provides chiropractic services every 6 weeks at West Holt Medical Services in our Therapy Services builiding.

NUCCA is a gentle and precise form of chiropractic care. It focuses on the most powerful area of the spinal column, the upper cervical spine (neck) and its influence on the central nervous system and brain stem function.

By carefully restoring head and neck alignment, the body will begin to reverse the effects of spinal stress.

With NUCCA upper cervical care,

  • the spine regains flexibility
  • tight, painful back muscles relax
  • the hips and the legs balance
  • stress is taken from inflamed joints
  • pain is relieved
  • damaging stress to the nervous system is reduced

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Ziska in Atkinson, Call (402) 925-2811.

Doctor Marcy Ziska
NUCCA Practitioner