Chronic Migraine Botox

Jon Gotschall, PA-C, now provideds Botox to treat Chronic Migrrianes at the West Holt Specialty Clinic. 

BOTOX is given as shallow injections in the muscle areas of the neck and head that may be linked to migraine. These areas were used in the clinical trails that led to BOTOX FDA approval- and the ones proven to work for people with Chronic Migraine. BOTOX prevents headache and migraine days before they even start. Your provider can help determine if your migraine is "chronic."

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will the injections feel like?

The needles used in a BOTOX treatment for Chronic Migraine are very small, but you may feel mild discomfort. Many patients say the injections feel like tiny pinches or pinpricks. Typically, the injections should take 15 minutes.

How many people have tried BOTOX for Chronic Migraine?

BOTOX was approved by the FDA in 2010 after being studied in large clinical trials. Since then, 2 million BOTOX treatments have been given to over 500,000 Chronic Migraine patients.

Where is BOTOX injected?

BOTOX is injected into shallow muscles of the head and neck - not too deeply beneath the skin.

How is BOTOX made?

BOTOX is a prescription medicine made from tiny amounts of a highly purified protein (botulinum toxin protein), then mixed with saline. It was studied in large clinical trials and approved by the FDA.