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Our Foundation began in 1982 with the goal of creating a source of funding to support a thriving hospital.

Mission: To obtain, invest and distribute funds which will advance and improve the quality of care provided by West Holt Medical Services.

Vision: The Foundation will be the area leader in funding healthcare by raising funds, increasing awareness and providing education.  The Foundation shall develop a long lasting relationship with our donors, their families and our communities by providing opportunities to share their dream.

The West Holt Medical Services Foundation holds these values to be fundamental:

Longevity:  The Foundation will ensure services will be available for many years to come.

Integrity:  The Foundation will ensure that all funds and assets are invested and distributed according to our mission and investment policies.

Community Service Education:  The Foundation will be a leader in educating the community on the importance of philanthropic support.

Growth:  The Foundation will continually increase its support in capacity to meet the needs of West Holt Medical Services in North Central Nebraska.