old photo of ground breaking on atkinson's first hospital


West Holt Medical Services (WHMS) is a testimony to the spirit and character of people in the area for many past generations.

Atkinson Memorial Hospital was opened in February of 1952 by a group of young wives of veterans who had returned from World War II. Known as the Atkinson Veterans Wives Club, these women felt that their young families needed a good hospital nearby. Committees were formed, a fund drive was initiated and the entire community became involved. They received more than half of the total cost of the facility from individuals and civic organizations. The hospital was deeded to the Franciscan Sisters of Chicago, which managed it for the next twenty years.

In 1972, the Franciscan Sisters of Chicago ceased operation of the hospital. The choice the residents had when the Sisters left Atkinson was to either turn the hospital over to a new governing body or discontinue its operation. As a result, the hospital advisory board took steps to incorporate as the West Holt Memorial Hospital Association, Inc.

A new hospital, West Holt Memorial Hospital was built in Atkinson in 1977. There was a growing need for a larger facility to accommodate more patients and more efficient medical equipment. Like the first hospital, it also received wide support throughout the West Holt area.

Since 1977, West Holt Memorial Hospital has built a solid reputation on compassionate and innovative patient care. We continue to build upon that reputation by consistently achieving the highest standard of care.