keating scholarship recipients

Dolores Batenhorst Keating Scholarship Recipients Named

Monday, January 14, 2019

Atkinson, NE – West Holt Medical Services Foundation is pleased to announce its 2018 Dolores Batenhorst Keating Scholarship recipients. Ann Nordby, Connor Paxton and Megan Nachtman will each receive $1,000 toward their degrees in the medical field.

Ann Nordby graduated from Ewing Public Schools in 2017 and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing at Bryan College. “When my grandpa Nordby passed away in 2014, his last words to me were, ‘follow your dreams of becoming a registered nurse. You’ll be great!’ After my grandma Nordby had a stroke on the day of my grandpa’s funeral, she gave me her stethoscope. From that day on, I knew nursing was my dream job,” said Nordby. Upon graduating in 2021, she plans to follow the advice of her grandparents and begin her career as a registered nurse.

Connor Paxton is a 2016 graduate of Stuart Public Schools. “Shadowing different physical therapists while I was in high school and seeing the impact they had on the lives of their patients, inspired me to pursue this as a career,” said Paxton. He is currently working towards a degree in physical therapy through the Rural Health Opportunities Program (RHOP) at Wayne State College and is a member of the football team. “Being a good student and a division II athlete is a challenge. It has helped me develop sound time management skills and responsibility, which will greatly help me in my future.” When Paxton graduates Wayne State College in 2020, he plans to go on to complete a doctorate degree in physical therapy.

Megan Nachtman graduated from Stuart Public Schools in 2018 and is studying Health Information Management and Business at Northeast Community College. “I always knew I wanted to work in the medical field. After exploring medical career options, I felt this program would fit my personality,” said Nachtman. Upon graduating in 2020, Nachtman looks forward to beginning her healthcare career.