Rep. Adrian Smith meets with WHMS Leaders

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

West Holt Medical Services leadership had the opportunity to meet with Representative Adrian Smith of Nebraska’s 3rd district for a half hour on Tuesday, March 30th. Congressman Smith reached out to set up the meeting as he works to understand how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected rural hospitals within his district.

CEO Brian Martin started by telling the congressman how well individuals in the facility have handled the adversity of the past year. He also spoke highly of steps WHMS leaders took to secure funding and support necessary to provide staff and patients alike the necessary support they needed.

Martin followed that up with describing the status of the COVID-19 vaccine in WHMS and in the community at large, showcasing WHMS’s collaboration with the North Central District Health Department to help advance our area to the stage where vaccine is now being made available to individuals 18 and older.

Finally, at the congressman’s request, Martin outlined some areas where legislative support might help WHMS and similar facilities around the state be able to serve their communities more effectively. Funding guidance, increasing accessibility to cardiac rehab, and increasing the availability of mental health support as the world transitions to the “new normal” post-COVID.

Martin and the WHMS leadership appreciated the chance to have a meaningful dialogue with such congressional supporters. WHMS would like the thank Representative Smith for taking the time to engage in such a valuable exchange. WHMS looks forward to having similar discussions with other representatives, both in Lincoln and D.C.