West Holt Medical Facilities Receives Deficiency Free Re-Designation

Friday, October 16, 2020

ATKINSON, NE — On September 29, West Holt Medical Facilities was awarded level 4 (basic level) trauma re-designation by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human services, EMS/Trauma Program. Re-designation reviews are every 4 years.

The review included:   In person interviews, review of equipment and walk through of emergency rooms and surgical rooms, lab and x-ray capabilities, process improvement plan, policy and procedures, education hours completed by nurses and providers, educational activities and outreach programs, trauma charts reviewed and examination of the relationship with EMS providers from Atkinson and Stuart and how West Holt supports them.

The final report found zero deficiencies.

Medical providers are required to be certified in Advanced Trauma Life Support. Registered Nurses working in the Emergency Room are certified in the Trauma Nurse Core Course.

The Trauma Medical Director is Dr. John Tubbs. The Trauma Co-coordinators are Jen Rystrom RN, CCRN -CNO, Talya Shutt, RN and Betsy Raymer RN.