architectural rendering of renovation project

West Holt Medical Services Breaks Ground on $3.9 Million Renovation Project

Thursday, November 8, 2018

West Holt Medical Services (WHMS) recently began a $3.9 million renovation and expansion project which will broaden access to outpatient based services, enhance patient care and ensure the hospital remains a vital resource to the area for future generations.

The renovation and expansion is necessary in order to continue meeting the healthcare needs of area residents. Therefore, WHMS has embarked on expanding it specialty clinic, building a new surgical suite addition and renovating its laboratory through a 22-month construction project. Presently, Phase 1 which is the renovation of the Board Room and Clinic Business Office is underway.

Phase 2a of the renovation includes the Specialty Clinic/IT Closet/Nursing area. Phase 2b of the renovation will be the Surgery area; Phase 2c the Laboratory; and the last renovation Phase 2d will be Administration offices.

“Medical practices have changed significantly since the present hospital building opened its doors in 1977,” foundation and marketing director, Jessica Prussa said. “In the last ten years, WHMS has renovated its hospital inpatient rooms, primary care clinic exam room, added an outpatient therapy building, and renovated its diagnostic imaging department. These changes have positioned WHMS to add new services, equipment and recruit healthcare professionals.”

The “Ensuring Quality Care Close to Home” project will allow WHMS to accomplish the following objectives: expand on the hospital’s ability to provide specialized care services to area residents resulting in a higher level of care and better healthcare outcomes; enhance the overall patient experience and improve staff efficiency throughout the facility; create and retain jobs in the community and enhance recruitment efforts of healthcare professionals; position the hospital for future revenue growth, keeping it viable and a thriving part of the economic community long-term.

Presently, Prussa said, $349,580 toward its $1 million fundraising goal has been donated. The City of Atkinson provided the lead gift to the hospital renovation by awarding a $50,000 LB8-40 grant.

Additionally several foundations have awarded the WHMS Foundation generous grants and many individuals and families inspired by the hospital’s mission and impact on the community have stepped up to invest in high quality local healthcare because it is fundamental to a thriving and competitive community and an important factor in attracting and retaining residents, businesses and industry to the area. For that reason WHMS continually strives to improve the quality and efficiency of care it offers to its community, always looking ahead and responding to advances and changes in healthcare. 

Since opening its doors over 40 years ago West Holt Medical Services has served as the primary healthcare facility for generations of community members’ medical needs. Last fiscal year, Prussa said, 14,680 patients were served through services provided by West Holt Medical Services.

“Now is the time to ensure that our community hospital remains a vital resource for patients like the 57-year-old farmer with heart conditions who needs to see a Cardiologist here at home; the 14-year-old teen recently diagnosed with diabetes needing regular diabetes care; and the retired professional needing nerve surgery. These patients, and many like them, are why we are embarking on this major fundraising and renovation project,” Prussa said.

This is the first in a series of articles on hospital data, construction and a soon-to-be launched capital campaign.