WHMS Specialty Clinic Adds Endocrinology

Monday, March 1, 2021

West Holt Medical Services (WHMS) is excited to announce the addition of two new endocrinology specialists to their specialty clinic offerings.

As of March 22nd, WHMS will be offering Endocrinology twice a month with Dr. Kaitlin Brau and Dr. Enas Al Zaghal of Faith Region Health Services. Via Telehealth, Dr. Brau will be available the second Monday of each month and Dr. Al Zaghal will be available the fourth Monday of each month.

Endocrinologists are qualified to diagnose and treat conditions like diabetes, thyroid diseases, infertility, growth issues, metabolic disorders, osteoporosis, some cancers, and disorders in the hormone-producing adrenal glands and pituitary glands.

The WHMS Specialty Clinic is constantly looking for ways to connect new providers with our community, and the addition of Drs. Brau and Al Zaghal via telehealth is another step in providing comprehensive care close to home.

If you wish to set up an appointment with Dr. Brau, Dr. Al Zaghal, or any of the other providers who are a part of the WHMS Specialty Clinic, please call (402)925-2811.